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Hiro’s Cookies LLC

Ono Shortbread Made with ALOHA!


Hiro's Cookies LLC was founded by Bryson Hiro in January 2022 in Hilo, Hawaiʻia dream of his for many years now! His goal is to provide ono shortbread cookies without all the fake stuff. His cookies have NO artificial or chemical ingredients. Even his food coloring is all natural!

Bryson currently releases different flavors monthly including Ube, the highly-praised and talked-about Orange Dreamsicle, Mint Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, and Strawberries and Cream. The recipes he makes are created from small test batches. The cookies are scooped in a certified kitchen with love and aloha by Bryson and his oh-so-talented baker mom Suzy. Follow Hiro's cookies on social media (links above) to see NEW flavor releases, pre-order dates, and pick-up times in Hilo.


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