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Hawaii PipeFarm

The Ultimate Pipe


At Hawaii PipeFarm, we’ve been making pipes for over a decade and never stop striving for the ultimate pipe. Our current styles represent the finest combination of functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Hybrid Pipes

With our premier hybrid pipes, we take handmade, high-fire ceramic bowls and magnetically connect them to brass-lined hardwood mouthpieces for the most unique and practical pipes ever. The bowls are made from stoneware clay and kilned to over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit! Stoneware is rock hard and vitrified (won’t absorb liquid). The bowls are solid bodies with a through hole for easy cleaning with any pipe cleaner. Instead of one center hole that easily clogs our pipes feature our exclusive multi-hole system at the bottom of the bowl for even burning with less clogging.  Our mouthpieces are made from hardwoods turned and polished on a lathe and are fully insulated from contact with a brass tube running down the middle of the pipe. This means all surfaces in contact with smoke are easy to clean.

Ceramic Pipes

Our ceramic pipes are made from all stoneware ceramic and feature our multi-hole bowl system and straight through hole for easy cleaning.

Lava Tubes

Hawaii PipeFarm creates "lava tubes" based on the classic chillum design these stoneware ceramic pipes feature a single through hole and deep bowl for great packing and portability.


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