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Boho Being

Mother Nature Inspired Functional and Decorative Ceramic Art


My work, through Boho Being, is aimed at raising awareness about our fragile ecosystems, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature all around me. Your support not only allows me to do what I love but a portion of the proceeds will also go to supporting local conservation causes close to my heart.

“BOHO” - (short for Bohemian) socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists.

As a child I was somehow drawn to the word “Bohemian”, I didn’t know exactly what it meant but I knew I wanted to be it. In my youthful ignorance, I romanticized a life filled with amazing art, cultures, books, textures, sounds - a traveling world citizen being absolutely myself and observing it all.

Today, a part of this is still true, however, socially unconventional living means so much more to me. Now, it means going against the current societal norms. It means; sustainable living, eliminating single use plastics, resisting capitalism, intersectional environmental justice, sustainable agriculture, conserving our natural world, supporting small businesses, energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint and waste. Being easy on the earth and its people while still creating meaningful art.

”BEING” - existence, living, nature, essence

“Being” is a reminder to be present, to take in our own existence as part of Nature. While some people may be apathetic to the destruction of the natural world, remove and identify themselves completely separate from Nature - the truth is that is impossible - we are all a product of Nature - the plants, animals, ocean, sky. Mother Nature is the essence of each and every one of us. We belong to this earth and therefore it is (or should be) within our “being” to care for it.

—Kimberly De Souza


boho being, ceramic, art, blockprints, native, hawaiian, plants, birds, animals, pottery, home, kitchen, decor, sculpture, nature, conservation, sustainability

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