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Bea’s Knees Farm

Our 100% Kona coffee beans—farm-grown and roasted to order—are the Bea’s Knees!


Bea's Knees Farm is a third generation, small family coffee farm in the Kona district of Hawaii. We sell 100% Kona coffee beans, roasted to order.

The “bee’s knees” is an English slang phrase meaning the best. The farm name plays on that expression and honors our mom, Bea, who strives for perfection.

Bea’s Knees Farm is about three acres in size, located at about 1400-feet in elevation. We can dry farm because of the perfect growing conditions for coffee — rich volcanic soil, sun, and rain. The uneven, rocky terrain requires most of the work to be done by hand.


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Wahine (Woman)


79-7110 Mamalahoa Hwy, Holualoa, HI
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