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Andrea Pro Printmaker

Art and home decor inspired by Hawaii and made for you


Art by Andrea Pro Printmaker is a visual "talk story" conveying the essence of the land, sea, plants, and culture of Hawaii. Andrea's work is known for her nuanced color palette and intricate layers of texture and graphic details. Carved blocks and traditional printmaking techniques are the foundation of her original fine art prints and handmade textile designs, greeting cards and accessories.

Andrea Pro offers art licensing of her designs and commissioned art, and invites collaboration with interior designers, architects and product developers. Email Andrea to learn more!

"Creating art invites me to slow down and pay attention to what is right in front of me. I feel wonder and joy seeing so many shades of blue in the sky, the ecstatic red lehua flowers wilting to muddy brown on their way to seed and the darting tongue of a honeybee collecting nectar. My purpose is to share with you atmosphere, colors, textures, and yes, even the sound of life in Hawaii through the art of printmaking."
—Andrea Pro

The Art of Printmaking

Many people are familiar with printmaking based on having carved and inked a linoleum block in elementary school. The basic idea behind the printmaking process is that an image incised or carved on a block or plate will be transferred to paper when inked and run through a press. In the Western world, printmaking originally was used as a medium of communication, evolving in the 19th century into an art form in which printmakers produced limited and signed editions of their work. Because this process is done by hand, all the prints are originals.

Other printmaking processes I use include monotype, drypoint, and collograph. Monotype is a painterly approach in which ink or paint is applied in various ways to a plate, and each print is a one-of-a-kind original. Drypoint involves incising a copper or plexiglas plate, then inking and wiping; a process that imprints linear details. Collograph involves creating a plate by gluing paper, fabric, or other material to a surface creating unexpected texture and details.


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